President of the Greek Republic visits Sunlight Recycling

President of the Greek Republic visits Sunlight Recycling

On Friday, 29 May, the President of the Hellenic Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, visited Sunlight Group's Recycling Plant – the most modern lead-battery recycling plant in Europe – in the Industrial Area of Komotini, in the context of her tour of the Xanthi and Rodopi regional units.

During her visit, the President of the Republic was briefed on the international Sunlight Group, a member of the Olympia Group, that specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative batteries and energy storage systems for industrial applications.

The President of the Republic was given a tour of the facilities of the Sunlight Recycling lead-battery recycling plant, which is the most cutting-edge battery recycling plant in Europe. Her tour included a presentation of all the plant’s state-of-the-art technologies, which enable zero environmental absorption of liquid and air pollutants, as well as a presentation of the advanced technologies that convert acid solutions into high-quality industrial salt.

Lampros Bisalas, the CEO of Sunlight Group, welcomed the President of the Republic, Katerina Sakellaropoulou, saying, “We are very honoured by this visit from the President of the Republic. In fact, her visit has even greater value by virtue of the fact that this is the first time, in all our years of operation, that we have been honoured with the presence of a President of the Republic. With sustainability as our guide in developing our business, for years now we have implemented a circular economy model, maintaining two state-of-the-art plants in Northern Greece and two assembly plants abroad. Our vision is to develop innovative batteries and energy storage solutions that will make sustainable energy more accessible, more reliable and cleaner in the years to come.”

The President of the Republic was briefed on Sunlight’s overall ecosystem in Greece and abroad, on the company’s new investments in lithium technologies, and on the recent investment made in Sunlight Group’s manufacturing plant in Neo Olvio, Xanthi, which is the largest and most environmentally and technologically advanced battery manufacturing plant in the world.

Showing special interest in the company’s people, the President of the Republic was briefed on the economic and social footprint created by the Sunlight Group’s operations on the local and national levels, as well as on the major donations made by the company and the Olympia Group to support Health and Education in the local communities of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace during the battle against the coronavirus.